This is our equipment! Over the years we have purchased many pieces to add to the para-tool box. This is what we have and we don't use everything on every investigation. Do you need all this, no. A good digital recorder, camera and infrared light is a good start. Scroll all the way through as you may find something you haven't thought of. This list isn't 100% Equipment... 




Micro RED Pod

Digital Recorder

One of our favorite recorders. 

Infrared DSLR Camera

Ovilus 5b

Kinda like a random word generator which is supposed to generate words relevant to your questions.

Black Light UV Flashlight

Use these to light up the area so you can get around in the dark without being blinded with bright lights. Similar to the RED flashlights available except these will work with Full Spectrum modded cameras by added UV light to the mix.


Ghost Box


Contact Microphone


40w Ghost Light

You can light up the dark with this one for sure. Outdoors won't be an issue.

Flir Thermal

Added GoPro Mounts for Phone attachment - to record the screen

Shadow Pro V

Steve's Ghost Box

Ghost Box Speaker


Digital Ghost Box


Full Spectrum DSLR Camera


Colorado Paratech Infrared Illuminators

So far our preferred light of choice has come from Colorado Para-tech, specifically their 30watt Ghost Light Pro model. We were not asked nor payed in any way to put this here. Click image to go to their website product page. These are high quality, 3D Printed and very well made. 


jlo's Latest Setup (2018)

My setup changes all the time. It's based on what you as an investigator need. I need a more comfortable way to carry all my gear. I can record in Full Spectrum and see that LIVE on a Monitor while being able to Listen LIVE using my Zoom H2n which feeds into my camera. It also has an Infrared Illuminator as well as a visible light so I can see where I'm going in the dark outside of the monitor.

Light $189 (ebay), Zoom Q2n $129 (Amazon-sale), Zoom H2n Recorder $95 (ebay), U-Grip $20 (Amazon), Feelworld Monitor $200 (Amazon), Handle $14 (Amazon)

Zoom Q2N

Well, there's a lot to say about the one. First of all, yes it can be modified for full spectrum quite easily. Not as easy as say, an SJCAM, but almost just as easy. No disassembly required. Just a blowdryer to soften the glue holding the lens in place and start cutting away at it. Yes we made a video too. Anyways, this has excellent audio. Better than any action style camera ever made before it and ahead so far. Runs off two AA for 1.5 hours record time. Use Energizer Lithium and you'll get 4 hours. That's better than any other action cam as well. Did I say you can use an SJCAM lens in this as well? You can. Makes a great static cam and no more sound syncing with a digital recorder for EVP's.

$139. Additional $50 for Kit (windscreen, case etc.)

Hohem HG5 Pro Gimbal

This will make your action camera footage seem so much more professional. It's a motorized stabilizer and works with most action camera's. It can charge the camera through Mini USB and the Gimbal runs off a 18650 2000 mph Battery that's rechargeable through Micro USB cable included. Your camera doesn't need image stabilization itself at all with this device. It's a hefty price but is packed with great quality and features using the app. 

$200 (Amazon)


This is one of those things that is not commonly known about. Most people see the camera footage and think that it's just a fisheye lens in 360 degree or that it's 360 degrees distorted to fit within a 16:9 video frame. This is the case but it's only because the viewer is viewing it wrong. I'll explain. So when you record you get a 360 degree fisheye view that just looks like a circle but you have to use a conversion tool which this company also provides online for free btw. After converting, you can upload to youtube and even still if you view it wrong you'll only see a distorted 360 view. The fix for that is to watch the video in the YouTube App and you can then move your device around and you'll view the video in VR mode. You can also swipe the video to your preferred viewing angle as well. Aside all that, this camera can be easily modded for full spectrum as well! Mind you it's a permanent mod as you may not be able to find a replacement lens to revert back if you wanted to. Click the photo for a test. Watch in the YouTube App for full effect.

$99 (SJCAM Website)

SJCAM SJ6 Legend

This is a new SJ6 Legend which is the successor to the SJ4000. Comes with image stabilization and 60fps and is just as easily mod-able as the SJ4000. Price is higher as expected and the batteries are not interchangeable with the SJ4000. You can still record while plugged into a USB charger...

$140 (eBay)

12V to 110V Inverter

I have only used this once and all it is is a small 12V battery that has an inverter to convert to 110V receptacles. It has a built in light, 12V lighter socket and even USB ports. Remember, many places don't have electricity so you're on your own once you arrive. This is a great backup for small fans and charging various devices and even laptops. It can even jump start your car. I rest mine on a foldable dolly because the unit weighs at around 25lbs so I'd rather roll it than carry it around. Then I usually wrap my extension cord around the dolly handle.

$112 (Lowe's)

Seek Thermal for iOS

This is as equally expensive as the Flir Thermal but not as good quality. Good thing a retail chain sold this as a one and done type of thing so this one hit clearance rather fast. Does not have the dual camera for outlines like the Flir but that is useless at night when you don't want to use a flashlight.

$35 (clearance, open box)

75 Watt Reptile Heat Bulb (night)

Combine this and a clamp light you likely have lying around for the cheapest Infrared light you can get. These can be found at Walmart in the pet dept. and even Petco but they cost more there. Now Petco does have other wattages and Walmart only has the 75w. These work because they're made for reptiles and the dark inner coating allows the pet owner to sleep without bright visible light. This causes only the infrared light to escape and the visible light stays trapped inside the bulb which leads to more heat. Heat Lamp. Get it now? These are great and cheap for locations in which you have power and hardly any visible light can be seen. You can also use Black Light Bulbs but I highly recommend using the incandescent ones which look like this one here. It's a great alternative for UV.

$6 (Walmart / Petco)

EDI + Meter

Get you one of these and it's actually multiple devices. It's essentially a K2 Meter with Sound, Vibration Sensor, Pressure and Humidity! Even notifies you of temperature changes. Has a memory card slot so you can data log everything that this device records.

$195 (online)

Laser Thermometer

As the title says. But this does work for long distances, so when the red dot hits a surface you'll get a temperature read out on screen immediately.

$30 (Lowe's)

12v to USB and 110v Inverter

You may not know that many places you investigate don't have power. You'll be stuck in the hot or cold depending on where you live and here in TX, it's always hot. So if you need any kind of 110v power then your vehicle can prove that using this. You can power a small fan or whatever but it's a nice thing to have.

$20 (Lowe's)

Sony Mini Tape Recorder

They say tape is more sensitive but personally I believe it's the white noise the tape produces. It's believed the apparitions need white noise, that of a blank tape or tube tv on a static channel to speak through. These are cheap online so why not give it a shot?

$13 (Online)

Spirit Box P-SB7

Like EVP's but never hear them? This may be the option for you. Its the Spirit Box and it scans radio stations at various speeds in either forward or reverse. You can then ask questions live and receive responses through the radio. It really works but we use two at the same time recorded into a digital recorder sweeping opposite directions. We've captured full on sentences that were relevant to out question. Amazing piece if you can tolerate the noise that accompanies it.

$69 (Online)

Daytime Setup -jlo

When I want to capture daytime walkthrough footage and possibly LIVE stream at the same time this is what I use. Sometimes you have to come up with designs like this that suit your needs. This has been a work in progress over a couple of years or longer. Adding and removing things to suit what I do. What works for m may not for you but hopefully you can learn from us in the process.

Kobalt -$18, GoPro -$299, iPhone

Mel Meter

This is a digital EMF readout with a RED flashlight. Not very bright if you're wondering... It also registers temperature but with the new EDI Meter, this and the K2 Meter are almost useless unless you don't need all the options and aren't to spend as much.

$150 (Online)

Full Spectrum Setup -jlo

This is my Full Spectrum setup for night recording. I have a nice flashlight for my own viewing and infrared for night shooting. All in one convenient handle to allow my other hand free for whatever else I need to carry. Kobalt is also rechargeable.

Kobalt -$18, Ghost Light -$189, SJCAM -$63, Olight Batteries -$45

GoPro Hero Session 5

You honestly don't need this but I wanted one for a few reasons. They've fixed some issues the previous models had such as wifi connectivity. They have added bluetooth along side wifi to maintain that connection and it works really well. Once connected I can exit the app and open at anytime to see the preview on screen. Enough details, I wanted this to use so I wouldn't have to use my phone all the time and worrying about drawing the battery because I need the GPS on that. We did get 'lost' in the woods and yes it was a life saver. This records in high quality and 60fps so I can capture nice daytime walkthrough footage with a wider angle than my phone as well. Did I mention it's water proof without a case...

$299 (Best Buy)

Laser Grid

This is a cheap item you can easily get online. A laser grid places a pattern of light the direction it faces. You hope that using this a shadow figure would cross or break the light and it would be easier to see on camera. Did you know you can filter the laser to infrared only? Kinda nice for outdoors so you don't attract any unwanted attention. Just use Rosco Red and Congo Blue filter paper. You may find a bigger and better one like this during christmas time with red and green lights. Stake in the dirt and plug into an outlet. We adapted one to a tripod with GoPro Mounts...

$14.99 (Online)

Tascam Digital Recorder DR-07mkII

Want good audio for EVP's that's better than the Sony? Want to have better audio for your camera? This or something similar is what you need. We've devised a windscreen for each channel of the recorder to combat outside wind and fast movements when holding it. It's very sensitive and the only downside is the size isn't as compact.

$125 (Online)

Full Spectrum SJCAM / SJ4000

This is a must if you want to capture anything aside from just having a story. This is an action cam very similar to the GoPro Hero 3 model. It records in 1080p 30fps. Newer models offer better quality and 60fps. Why this one? Well, we buy them and modify for full spectrum ourselves. Take a few minutes to do and is very easy for just about anyone. Full Spectrum also allows you to see a border spectrum or wavelength of light that the human eye cannot see. Which means, in theory, we have a better chance of capturing an anomaly. You'll need some solid UV or Infrared lighting for night footage. You won't be able to see the IR light but the modded camera will.

$63 (Online)

Ghost Light By Colorado Paratech

Those high capacity batteries go in this. It's a 30watt infrared light and I've designed a simple diffuser to combat the brightness in small spaces. Yeah, it's pretty bright. They're expensive but you get what you pay for. They are very high quality and even 3D printed with GoPro Mounts. The one in this image doesn't have them but our other one does and that one mounts horizontally vs vertical like this one. The only negative is that the batteries for it are no cheaper than $20 without the charger.

$189 (Online)

EM Pump

Considering what lies inside this box, it shouldn't even cost this much but the price is justified when you see the price of the needed parts. Unless you plan on making and selling them in bulk then yes, $15 is cheap for a buyer. This is an EM Pump or Electro Magnetic field generator. Typically runs off 2AAA and its just a motor with a magnet attached on the end but its offset. This creates an EMF that in theory, spirits or ghosts can use to manifest themselves. This can also protect your battery powered devices from being drained in the event this happens. It does hum a little so I'd suggest setting it down on a pillow of sorts, otherwise you'll hear a vibration the entire time and also within your recordings.

$15 (Online)

Vista Print Business Cards

Want to promote your brand? Well, you need social media and business cards. A website helps as well to show how dedicated you are to the field. We design our own logos and photoshop has been my best friend for that.

$29 (

2 x Olight 18650 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

If you're new to high drain devices then let me tell you now. If you plan to have portable and compact infrared outdoor lights then you'll need a set of these or two. These are chip protected batteries that have a high capacity and amp rating for devices which need the power. We also have Keeppower and Orbtronic Brands of the same type. They are button top not flat, they're not for vaping devices. Some high drain, high power flashlights use these...

$45 (Online)

Flir One Thermal Device 2nd Gen for iOS

Well, this is one of the higher valued pieces of gear in the tool box. It's not cheap and in order to convince myself to actually buy it I sold some stuff to cover all the cost. This is a true thermal device with it's own built in battery that can run for a solid 45 minutes. Not a long time but I can charge it in about the same time with a USB battery on this list. These aren't up to par with the high end $1K devices because those have a better sensor and can detect to a much farther range. Let's try and capture that shadow figure or a cold spot!

$250 (Flir website only offers the newest models)