Here's a complete list of all our investigations from over the years. Many of these places we have visited multiple times and under previous team names. BTW, they're not always free either. Click on the photo to find the video on youtube. The first one is our channel.

Prior Investigations...

List of our Investigations (last edited 8/2/19)

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Ballinger, TX

We captured a whistle for sure and Huck seen an apparition!


Image will be linked to the "Walkthrough" part of the videos. You can then find the Investigations 1-3 from there. 

Selena Quintanilla's Gravesite

Corpus Christi, TX

jlo visited the gravesite of Selena and tried to make contact. There's a short Para-shoT on YT since he couldn't do a full on investigation. There are frequent visitors to the site.

Malvern, Iowa

Thanks to The Ectoplasm Show for having us out! While there we hit up the Ax Murder House since it was only 45min or so away.

Villisca, Iowa

We had a long drive from TX up to Iowa!

Goatman Bridge

Old Alton Bridge, TX

Seems like less activity and more story. Needless to say, nothing happened. Even a couple were taking engagement pictures when we went there.

Gainesville, TX

An old house in Gainesville with not much reported activity aside from a few claims here and there.

Jefferson, TX

We didn't get to investigate this location but we were given an official tour. We do plan on actually going for a full on investigation. This is directly across the street from the Jefferson Hotel. Like literally 40' or so.

Historic Jefferson Hotel

Jefferson, TX

A reportedly haunted hotel in Jefferson, TX but we had no personal experience though a guest reportedly did. She said she seen an orb like light in the hallway by our room.

Old Palestine Hospital

Palestine, TX

This investigation was another team up with Just Paranormal..

Inverted Cross [Patterson Rd]

Patterson Rd, TX

We teamed up with Mysterious Boom Paranormal to trek the woods for the inverted cross. Be sure to go early as the trek can be an hour or so. We didn't capture much but we seen a few snakes.

Blue Light Cemetery [Bear Creek Park]

Patterson Rd, TX

An old cemetery outside of the park near a clearing. There are posted no trespassing signs so keep that in mind if you go but there wasn't much to see. The graves were in the early 1800's so that was interesting but just some overgrowth and not much else happened.

Yoakum, TX

Paranormal Shaun invited us out on our most recent visit which was "jlo's" first time. This is a 7 part series as we have begun to upload under 10min videos so we can also post the full part on IGTV. Link is to the 1st video.

Ghost Road (Bragg, Rd)

Saratoga, TX

This road is i believe an 8 mile stretch. It's not perfectly straight so keep that n mind as you may mislead taillights from other vehicles as 'ghost lights' since they can appear to come and go. The road isn't even level so at a distance you'll get small dips that make the taillights seem to disappear in the distance. Plus other people are always there investigating and you need to consider that they're using their own flashlights. We've seen these thing for ourselves. Not that there isn't anything paranormal, we just haven't seen anything here to backup the claims.

Patterson Road

Houston, TX

Nothing really happened to us here but lots of rain and strong wind. We have since revisited the location and have found the Blue Light Cemetery in the woods but have yet to publish that video. We also trekked through the other side to search for the inverted cross...

Yorktown, TX

After nearly a few years in the waiting, Para-holiX investigator jlo finally got to go to Yorktown. Previously, the team went on a hunch without calling first but jlo was unable to attend that one. What did we capture this time...

Machine Shop Investigation

Reports of a lady in black appearing between the two buildings and the pet parrot going crazy at times for no reason. We captured an anomaly between the buildings using thermal.

Martha Chapel Cemetery

Huntsville, TX

An off the road cemetery. When it's dark, it's very dark. Wooded area but be sure to carry some sort of protection when you go because apparently we weren't welcome here by the locals.

San Antonio, TX

So we did an investigation here. It costs $500 to do so and so far we have captured lots of evidence. For the most part, nothing really happened to us live. Investigator jlo even fell asleep in one of the most active areas which was the Milk Barn.

J's Building

Old Baytown, TX

Just an old building going under some renovations. We were allowed in to investigate with no reports of anything. Something spilled a drink though... Is there something there or something following us...

Earthman's Memorial Park (Cemetery)

Baytown, TX

This one hit a little close to home for me (jlo). I had been wondering where an old friend of mine from 5th grade was buried at. As a kid, I didn't want to remember him passed away but as he was when he was alive. So I didn't visit him or go to the funeral. For years I had no idea where he was at, for some reason Google just didn't cross my mind until a few months before going. I even had a dream that our old secretary came to my job and pointed in the direction he was buried (down the road) and said I should visit him. At that time google already informed me but this dream really encouraged me to go. So we went, did some soul searching and how we stumbled upon his plot was crazy. We captured some spirit box responses including one that was only an answer I knew.

Private Residential Investigation

Baytown, TX

So this residential case was interesting. We knew the owners niece. When they bought the home in a short sale, they noticed some weird things in the house. Candle burns on the floor and even some sage hanging in a closet. That explains it... So we went in there and captured EVP, spirit box responses, and even visual anomalies. They were very nice and welcoming, hopefully we can go back someday with all the new gear we have.

Palms Memorial Park Cemetery

Baytown, TX

Just a random cemetery in our area we decided to stop in. 

The Battlegrounds

Baytown, TX (near Battleship of Texas)

You know what's good about this spot? It's free within park hours. Don't risk after hours. Anyways we've captured many spirit box responses and another time we were there, we apparently spoke with Adam and he said "I was shot" when asked how he died...

White Cemetery

Highlands, TX

Shaggy knows someone that was buried here. We captured some great spirit box responses when he asked him questions. Other than that, it is a cemetery. Be respectful of people around you and try to lay low.

Liberty, TX

We were just passing by and figured we'd stop in to get prices and some stories. Turned out they let us investigate Lucy's room and the surrounding area for 2 hours which was free. In that short time, we captured only some K2 Meter or EMF activity by the "haunted mirror". We still need to go back and do an overnight but other locations have become priority over the years. We did appreciate the welcoming. If you go there, keep in mind there is a train track literally about 50' from the Hotel. Passes a few times per day.

Evil Overpass (FM 1960)

Bypass Rd, Humble TX

So this is Bypass Rd in Humble, TX. The story is that the current overpass resides over the area that the cemetery used to be at and that off the feeder in the wooded area, is now the current location they now rest. This seems to ring true as the resting place is in a clearing of the wooded area and most graves only have green stakes as markers. Now, the last time we went, they were clearing the area out again so whether the graves get moved we do not know yet. We have captured one of our best full on spirit box sentences here but no visual anomalies from what I remember. There seemed to be some structures outside of the burial ground just in the woods but I don't know what this would have been for. Huck suddenly felt sick after walking through a certain area and then it just cleared away. Paranormal? Who knows. Slightly creepy at night though.

The Battleship of Texas

Baytown, TX

Mind you the tickets are $10 per person and you will not be alone. Meaning other people will be there so don't expect EVP capture, maybe visual if you're lucky but we didn't get that. We did use our silent spirit box idea and received next to nothing. It's all metal so your radio won't work, rendering the spirit box useless if you like the stations as I do.

Cedar Hurst Cemetery

LaPort, TX

This is the original Cedar Hurst behind the new one. It's next to a water treatment facility thats kinda noisy and doesn't smell to great. It's open and we haven't seen any no trespassing or anything of the like so we park in the grass out of the way and head on in. The gravestones are old and falling apart.We've captured what appeared to be an invisible headstone, flying anomaly, even the typical EVP and spirit box stuff. Check it out if you're in the area.

Undisclosed Business Investigation

Highlands, TX

Reports here were doors opening and closing before business hours and those doors were locked. Now this business used to be a house but has been converted to a small restaurant. Huck and jlo experienced a visual light anomaly here but the camera was not facing that direction. We've captured many EVP and spirit box responses but not much else here.  

Tetter Cemetery

Katy, TX

A random cemetery in Katy IIRC... It's a family cemetery that isn't large at all, but on our way out Shaggy captured 4 pictures of the same anomaly that to this day we cannot explain away. The 5th picture it was gone and the first image it was halfway into a tree. What is was we may never know but very interesting considering we used a regular still shot camera and flash.

Apartment 2805

Add Testimonial here

Hotel Reidland (Monsters House)

Old Baytown, TX

*EDIT This building has been demolished. The local refinery nearby purchased it and tore it down to eventually make space for expansions*. You know, we've only recently found out this is the original name of the building (2017). Anyways, the owner had told us for a couple of years about it and finally we were able to investigate. Only one time ever did we get this eery feeling that we were being watched but none of us said anything though we all felt the same way. That same day we captured the sound of the front door opening and closing, as no other door made that sound. More than likely it was a residual because there have been wind chimes hanging so to hear the door squeek, you had to hear the chimes. We've captured many anomalies at this building and including spirit box responses along with regular EVP. This building never stops producing evidence and whatever it is isn't negative.

Daniels House (Residential Investigation)

Baytown, TX

Probably our 2nd ever investigation. A friend of ours from work was experiencing things in his house and we did an investigation. At the time (2010), we didn't have the equipment we have now so we we're stuck with a baby monitor recorded through a mobile dvr. We weren't experiencing anything live so we decided to watch our recording after a couple of hours passed while eating hamburgers. What we captured was not visual but a 45 second worth of audio that we couldn't debunk. This was in his daughters room facing the closet. We heard the sound of hangers being slid from one side of the closet to the other and clinking into the other hangers. We set this up again, and we captured nothing the rest of the night.

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