Mods / DIY Videos

This is a compiling of our MODS / DIY videos over the years. Many if not most are outdated but feel free to improve on our ideas. Check them all out and don't forget to subscribe on youtube!

Para-holiX: [How To] -"Mod the Zoom Q2n into Full Spectrum"

This little camera may max out at 1080p/30fps and run off 2AA batteries, but it has really awesome audio compared to any other compact camera.

PairaGamers: [How To] -"Mod the SJCAM SJ6 Legend to See in Infrared"

Another Video of the Legend MOD.

Para-holiX: [DIY] "SJCAM / SJ4000 / SJ6 Legend / SJ360 Full Spectrum MOD" (with LIVE video capture!!!)

Watch this easy how to video so you can mod your SJ4000 into full spectrum. This is a permanant mod but you can find replacement lenses online for around $10 should you want to revert back.

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Better Than P-SB11?"

Once the P-SB11 came out we already owned two P-SB7's. We connect the two with headphone adapters and direct into a digital recorder for the cleanest audio.

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Reptile Infrared Heat Bulb"

Very cheap and easy IR Light for investigative use. Watch the video and see how $6 can be better than your $200 custom IR light...

Para-holiX: "More Than a Flir One Unboxing" (iOS, 2nd Gen)

Don't be tethered down by directly attaching your Flir device to your phone. There's always other and possibly better solutions?

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Infrared CCTV Ring Light for Under $5"

One of the cheapest battery powered IR light setup you can build...

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Windscreens for Tascam"

You don't have to be an investigator to need this. Why pay 15-$20 when you can make one?

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Infrared Laser Pointer"

We're not sure of the potential usefulness this has but like in the video, it really does work.

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"5 Million Candlepower Infrared Flashlight"

You may have tons of old flashlights around the house. With this DIY you can convert those to IR without a permanant mod.

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Infrared/UV Ultraviolet Motion Sensor Light Pod"

Because why not?

Para-holiX: [MOD] -"Infrared Caplight"

It worked until I decided to clean up the wiring and accidentily shorted it out. Neat idea that will cost you $20 in IR LED's.

Para-holiX: [MOD] -"Yet Another Infrared LED"

We had leftover IR LED's so we made good use for them in this not so practical DIY.

Para-holiX: [MOD] -"Bootleg Modded LED Flahlight for Infrared"

This is really bootleg.

Para-holiX: [DIY] -"Cheap Infrared Flashlight"

It works and it's free!

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