Meet Our Team!

We'll do Private Residential Investigations!

As the title says, we will come out to do residential investigations for you if you like. We do not charge for this service, but for now it is within our local area only. Email us for more details.


Original founder of Para-holiX. Basically I research paranormal 'hot spots' and see what it would take to investigate that location. I take my role very seriously and I can tell you that we are legit. We do not fake anything or edit our videos in a way to mislead the viewer. What you see is what we captured. If for some reason you're NOT a believer in the paranormal, by watching our videos we hope to change your mind to at least consider the possibility that something we do not completely understand, does in fact exist.


I like the paranormal, what can I say? I don't consider myself a medium of sorts but I do feel somewhat sensitive to these things. I am also the wife to "Huck" above. We all want something out of life, maybe that something is death?


An original founder of Para-holiX, Paraspective Productions, and The Conspiranalysis Podcast. I'm considered a Lead Investigator / EVP Guy / Event Coordinator and I Edit all of our Paranormal Episodes on YouTube. I also made all of the original music for those videos. You can find that on and it's all FREE. I assist with all the Instagrams as well.


If you would like to reach out to me for a possible collaboration or even a residential investigation, I am at (832) 414-9092. Please TEXT only. I DO NOT answer numbers I don't recognize. You can also EMAIL me at


I am an original founder of Para-holiX and PairaGamers. We started this gig back in 2010 as just some guys wanting to 'hunt for ghosts' etc. We made "Team ParUnormal" and now we're here today as "Para-holiX". I handle the Camera, Lighting and Audio for the most part, editing for PairaGamers and our Para-holiX Mods / DIY Videos. All the Logo Designing, Website Editing, YouTube Uploading, assisting with Instagram(s), FB and our Ebay and Tech stuff is me. It sounds like a lot which it is, but it doesn't happen all at once... See our YouTube for my Full Spectrum DIY Mod videos!


I'm the brother of Shaggy. Also known as "Beer-less Drinking Mike". 

#BDM #BeerlessDrinkingMike

Paranormal Shaun (EVP Hitman)

Shaun Michael Dargis aka the EVP Hitman, Paranormal Shaun on YouTube.

Born in Corpus Christi Tx in 1979

My first paranormal experience happened in 2007 when I experienced an intelligent shadow figure two nights in a row at a Houston apartment I was renting

I am now convinced it was my recently deceased Uncle paying me a visit.

My specialty is ITC "Instrumental Trans Communication" 

Using various audio devices for communication with whatever wants to come through and talk.

I am also an avid UFO and Cryptid investigator as well and have documented all my findings. Click on my photo for a link to my YouTube Channel.

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Para-holiX Logo's

  Want to feature us on your various pages? Here's our newest version of our official logo's in PNG. Use them to link back to us from your website or any social media. We use other team logo's when we team up with them and usually I can't find a PNG or PSD to use and I have to remove the background in photoshop. We have logo's with the background but this is without.   

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